Multi-Use 3M Duct Tape

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Why Duct Tape: There are a million things that break or need fixing in an emergency and duct tape is just indispensable. Beyond patching and fixing things, it’s handy for first aid (setting a break, making a splint, even wound cover) This roll is 60 yards (55 meters).  7.0 mil.3M is a trusted brand. and this is a great value.

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3M Contractor Grade Multi-Use Duct Tape
Offers easy tear and conformability
Individual roll wrap that preserves integrity of the roll for less waste
Product number printed in core to ensure you’re using the correct product
Good tensile strength for tough applications








1 review for Multi-Use 3M Duct Tape

  1. RM GB admin

    Best duct tape on the planet.

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