Hooah! Soldier Fuel Energy Bar

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FORMULATED TO PROVIDE STEADYENERGY WITHOUT A CRASH – Soldier Fuel energy bars are an ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat which give both short-burst and long-burn energy
TOP-RATED TASTE – “Tasted 1,000 times better than I expected” (Men's Health magazine)
ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Soldier Fuel energy bars are all natural and contain no trans fat or high-fructose corn syrup

Hooah! Soldier Fuel Energy Bar 15 ea

Created by the U.S. Military
The Story – The U.S. Military needed an energy bar for the American Soldier. So it created the HOOAH! bad to offer a bust of Steady Energy and application with out the crash .
The Word – The battle cry “HOOAH!” is a cornerstone of military culture. Soldiers shout it as they jump out of helicopters, storm beaches, and freefall at the back of enemy lines. It means the rest and the whole thing excluding No.
All Natural
No Trans Fat
Complex Carbs
Soy & Whey Protein
17 Vitamins & Minerals
HOOAH!® is a federally registered trademark belonging to the U.S. Army.
The HOOAH! bar supports the troops. A element of the precedes from every bar is helping fund government research that improves soldier safety, diet, and quality of life.
Learn more at HOOAH.com
Made in USA











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