Roadside Emergency Kit

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Why we chose this kit: It's got most of the items you need, including a reflective vest, tow rope, jumper cables, 2 adjustable wrenches, pliers, a whistle, gloves, and a minimal first aid kit. It also comes with a rain poncho and foil blanket. It's got a hand-charged flashlight that doesn't need batteries, but we don't know how long it takes to charge it up, and we prefer a headlamp so you can have your hands free. The warning triangle is a necessity, but it is sewn on the carry bag itself and we don't really like that. It also comes with some potentially useful items like fuses, electrical tape and cable ties.  Overall, this is the best kit we could find out there and is far better than not having a kit in your car.


Roadside Emergency Kit Includes – First Aid Kit, Jumper Cables, Tow Rope, and many other Supplies – 106 Pieces for assistance with most Roadside Emergencies
At Secureguard we hope you never want to use our Roadside Emergency Kit, but as the saying goes, better to be secure than sorry. Our mission is to make sure you have an Emergency Kit for every vehicle so that you have the peace-of-mind to focus on the things that are most important in your life – like family and friends all over Holiday Go back and forth. Our Roadside Emergency Kit has over 100 components combined in a convenient carrying case for easy storage when not in use.

Probably the most most important components in our Emergency kit include a First Aid Kit, Jumper Cables, 10,000lbs Capacity Tow Rope, Flashlight, Hazard Triangle, Safety Vest, Emergency Whistle, Compass, and Multi-Tool.

Our hope at Secureguard is that with this kit you in point of fact can rest assured knowing you and your loved ones will have what they need if the unexpected happens at the same time as traveling on the road.

Emergency Kit Contains:

10′ Jumper Cables

Tow Rope with 10,000 lbs capacity

Reflective Safety vest

100% cotton gloves

multi use 4″ wrench

reinforced wire connectors

replacement fuses

electrical tape

First Aid Kit with plasters, gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabs

plastic cable ties

safety whistle


8pc Hex Wrench

LED squeeze rechargeable flashlight, no batteries needed

electric current detector

needle nose pliers

aluminium foil blanket

rain poncho

polyester carry bag with reflective warning triangle
ROADSIDE EMERGENCY KIT – comes with 106 pieces to prepare for most roadside emergencies
INCLUDES ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES – Jumper Cables, Tow Rope, First Aid Kit, and many others components
FIRST AID KIT – comes with bandages of multiple sizes, gauze, and tape for an emergency
HIGH VISIBILITY – It is critical to be seen if stranded – so our kit includes Reflective Vest, Flashlight and Hazard Triangle
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Secureguard stands at the back of all its products and if you are not 100% satisfied within 30 Days return it for a full refund.


















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